NextI SA

Software Solutions to suite your business

Bester Consulting designs and implements customer specific software solutions. Currently implemented solutions ranges from rental administration, point of sale, SMS systems. One of the latest additions to the stable is a mobile application with a synchronization server that allows the mobile software to run without an internet connection server and quickly synchronises changes made on both the server and on all devices in the field when an internet connection is available.

All software are developed with the following goals in mind:

  • Software must be cost-effective. For this reason open source solutions are used as far as possible.
  • Software must allow to be extended easily. A development framework helps to achieve quick and easy development.
  • The customer must be protected, so if a system is paid in full as set out in terms and conditions, the customer is given access to source code.
  • All systems must be upgradable to allow access to the latest updates and improvements.
  • Secure remote support support technologies are used to make customer support fast and effective.
  • Server and desktop software must run on all major operating systems.
  • Mobile development

    Since there is a wide range of mobile devices to choose from, a decision was made to do new mobile development on the Android operating system. Android phones are not only rated highly as smart phones and available devices range from light-weight funky phones to robust devices which in some cases comply to military specifications. Furthermore devices with different types of scanners are also available.

    Database development

    Although we can use a variety of databases as backends to custom systems, PostgreSQL is preferred. It is regarded as one of the top open source databases available and can be used completely free of charge.

    Software platforms

    Software are mainly written in Java, which allows software to run on any of the major operating systems. Other than Java, code is also written in PHP (for web based reporting) and some functionality is written into the database in the form of database functions and triggers to optimise performance.